Wellbeing Consultancy

I just had a wellbeing consultation with Trish, and she nailed it completely. The issue which wasn’t consciously apparent to me, she could see very deeply, was my inner child stuff. I thought I’d sorted it, but Trish was able to quickly identify my hidden blockages as if she had been through the same patterns. It was a relief that she actually innately knew my stuff. I felt things shifting mildly and gently but it was the next day that I woke up and noticed the world seemed like a whole new experience, like the excitement a child feels at the prospect of an adventure with the joy of today, and that was such a contrast to feeling trapped and without choice. Trish knows exactly what she’s doing, and her work comes from a very high place & vibration. She could see what I couldn’t see in me & goes to work and I feel vastly different in the experience of my own life.