Patricia is well-regarded for the keen observations she delivers effortlessly through her workshops and training programs.

Participants readily acknowledge the precision of her insights and the lasting results made possible by her consultancy and mentorship.


Go Within or Go Without

Thanks Trish! The gift of your poetry reaches people in ways that “counselling” doesn’t – which is not to decry the value of that work, but to celebrate the incisiveness of eloquent expression by one who knows the territory intimately and can speak from that place with authority.  I’m delighted to continue to support your gift to the world – one of many, might I add!


Andrew HorwoodSpecialist GP Horsham, Victoria

Wellbeing Consultancy

Trish offers guidance, has clear messages, and nails the issue while in conversation as she recognises the behaviour patterns and offers insights and suggestions to changing those deep seeded behaviour patterns by raising my awareness, getting to the root cause, and opening my soul. Trish’s skill shines through, using her wealth of experience, personal attributes and ability to articulate the situation. I can feel the progress I have made, by being braver, clearer on who I am and learning to have boundaries. Transformation is awesome, I can feel the change and as triggers come up, I am able to call upon Trish’s advice and a different outcome is achieved, one that feels right for me. I am grateful for having Trish guide me through the ingrained behaviour patterns and helping me move the ‘stuck’ feeling I wanted to shift. Thank you, Trish.

Bettina Seneca FameliAssessment Supervisor (VET)

Wellbeing Consultancy

I just had a wellbeing consultation with Trish, and she nailed it completely. The issue which wasn’t consciously apparent to me, she could see very deeply, was my inner child stuff. I thought I’d sorted it, but Trish was able to quickly identify my hidden blockages as if she had been through the same patterns. It was a relief that she actually innately knew my stuff. I felt things shifting mildly and gently but it was the next day that I woke up and noticed the world seemed like a whole new experience, like the excitement a child feels at the prospect of an adventure with the joy of today, and that was such a contrast to feeling trapped and without choice. Trish knows exactly what she’s doing, and her work comes from a very high place & vibration. She could see what I couldn’t see in me & goes to work and I feel vastly different in the experience of my own life.

Tim EmslieHealing Practitioner | Construction Worker

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

This book is a precious gift… I was enthralled from the beginning to the end. It touches one’s being on such a deep level. Apart from the enjoyment of reading, I believe it would make a wonderful tool for those who have had a difficult childhood or family relationship, which can hinder the Soul’s progress throughout this lifetime. There is something within the pages for everyone.

Heather-MarieAbundant Garden, Queensland

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

This beautiful book is by local writer Trish Herreen. Each poem is a healing journey. I read ‘In Her Eyes’… fantastic… and love the rhyme and meter… because that makes the poem more powerful… spot on. I read it to someone who after 55years is now looking at her abuse. It’s an authentic book and it touches the core wound that so many of us carry, but unlike other poems these carry you through to solution and provide an understanding of a way through. A gift for yourself or for someone you care about. Thank you Trish.

Mary LaslettVocal Artist | Musician

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

Trish’s poems open heartedly lay out the territory that’s been described as discovery, uncovery and recovery.  Her transparency in sharing the patterns in thinking and feeling which clothe both our fantasies and our realisations on this journey are compelling and tender. It’s a deep privilege to be invited so openly into another’s heart. I found myself in tears many times as I read, conscious that I was holding something sacred right now. Yet these poems are full of hope and power. They are every person’s story of recovering the truth of their lives and using that as a platform for the full self-emergence of the glorious being within. How pivotal is such a force at this time in human history, when oppression of all kinds is being lifted and the longing to be free to be oneself, fully & radiantly, is at the forefront of the human quest. Thank you, Trish, for showing the way.

 Dr Andrew HorwoodKensington, Victoria

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

I love your book. I have found that I am able to read it over and over again… timeless and priceless… Congratulations.

Marie CassidyTherapist

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

You are an inspiration to all who meet you with your vulnerability and openness. I was reminded of my roots and how important it is to keep in touch with our inner child. Your theme to go inwards is also the main theme for Dr Kataria who began Laughteryoga, he insists that we continue healing ourselves to be able to serve others and balancing both is the beauty we share along this warrior’s path.

David CroninLaughteryoga

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

Thank you for your book, it comes at a time in my life that was much needed. It’s a great read and one that I relate to and can go back to many times. Our journey in life is challenging and can be painful, but then along comes someone or something and it changes everything.

Margaret CleeAdmin Supervisor

Go Within or Go Without – Book review

The birth of your beautiful gift of words that is touching souls. Your book encourages the transformation to be in our own magnificence.

Melissa MerrettBowen Therapist