Go Within or Go Without – A Poetic Journey of Discovery by Patricia Herreen




Restoring Inner Connection

Self Empowerment Sessions Things have changed… The times we are living in have provided us with an opportunity to retrace and reassert our authenticity by reconnecting with our natural state of harmony and balance. For a limited time only Patricia is offering access to her exclusive “Divine Transmissions of Truth” to provide you with the…

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Poetry Reading and Discussion Group

Patricia Herreen is a gifted writer and storyteller. She embraces her audience by sharing her wisdom and insights on some of life’s most difficult subjects. She takes people to the heart of the matter in a respectful and sensitive way, while navigating the needs of the group in a seemingly effortless fashion. Trish guides the…

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“From an understanding of our deepest emotional wounds
we can deliver the greatest gifts of transformation to humanity.”

– Patricia Herreen



Patricia combines thirty years of experience in the Arts Industry and fifteen years in the Wellbeing Industry to make a lasting difference to the vital relationship we have with ourselves and to the quality of relationships we share with others.


Mentor | Advocate

Patricia’s natural curiosity about what makes people behave the way they do lead to further her studies in human behaviour, counselling and acting.


Human Resource Consultant

Passionate about making a difference, Patricia encourages her participants to utilise the unlimited resources of creativity that are available to us all.


Speaker | Author | Poet

A gifted writer and storyteller, Patricia’s work evokes meaningful change to support the journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

“We come into our respective families
with all the joy, love, challenges, confusion and turmoil we encounter
as opportunity to actualize who we really are.”

– Patricia Herreen




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Go Within or Go Without – A Poetic Journey of Discovery

Patricia Herreen combines the art of storytelling with her keen observations of human frailty and resilience to produce an anthology of verse that is as timely as it is outspoken. Her wisdom captivates the imagination and reaches across the breadth of humanity as a genre-defying glimpse into the soul.

Heartfelt and honest, Patricia’s words speak a thousand truths that offer comfort to those who have lost faith and plant seeds of encouragement to move us through adversity in search of life’s deeper meaning and purpose. With delicate precision she explores the need to belong and what it means to come home.

“Trish’s poetry sparkles with humour, wit and an achingly clear-eyed honesty. She captures life’s longing with the lightest touch.”

 Elizabeth Haines, Co-Founder, We Can Be Sheroes


“We give ourselves a rare gift when we can accept
that many truths we held were illusions
and many illusions we held were truths.”

– Patricia Herreen


“Once we belong to ourselves
we realise that we are connected to all things.”

– Patricia Herreen