Go Within or Go Without – Book review

Trish’s poems open heartedly lay out the territory that’s been described as discovery, uncovery and recovery.  Her transparency in sharing the patterns in thinking and feeling which clothe both our fantasies and our realisations on this journey are compelling and tender. It’s a deep privilege to be invited so openly into another’s heart. I found myself in tears many times as I read, conscious that I was holding something sacred right now. Yet these poems are full of hope and power. They are every person’s story of recovering the truth of their lives and using that as a platform for the full self-emergence of the glorious being within. How pivotal is such a force at this time in human history, when oppression of all kinds is being lifted and the longing to be free to be oneself, fully & radiantly, is at the forefront of the human quest. Thank you, Trish, for showing the way.