Wellbeing Consultancy

Trish, I would like to thank you for all the support you have given not only myself but to our centre over the past few years. You have helped me to grow as a person both professionally and personally and I will be forever grateful for that. Many, many thanks.

Bek Atkinson Childcare Centre Director

Wellbeing Consultancy

I have no words Trish… I am the leader and person I am today because of our sessions and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Betina PfeilChildcare Assistant Director

Poetry Reading and Discussion Group

Trish’s poetry reading was outstanding. She engages her audience and sweeps them up in the comfort of her warm embrace. She speaks effortlessly about life’s difficult subjects with such vibrancy that we felt triumphant in her company. She has a rare gift of reaching people and taking them to the depths of themselves.

Anne WithersPalliative Care Nurse

The Heart of Public Speaking

The real beauty of this course, and indeed any course run by Trish is that it dares to go beyond the surface level instruction. Trish is able to intuit deep seated issues or blocks to a person fulfilling their potential and works from that place to produce profound and lasting change. While Trish teaches the incredibly useful techniques of public speaking she is also able to reach the “heart of the matter” so that a person may no longer need to rely on techniques, but rather trust their whole self to guide the way.  Trish, you are a gifted teacher and healer.

Anne MartinSchool Principal

The Heart of Public Speaking

Thanks to the help of Trish’s amazing skills, knowledge, experience, authenticity and honesty. I realised that I always was the empowered person I wanted to be! I could not feel the way I do about myself right now if it wasn’t for taking part in this transformational course!

Monique FitzgeraldPsychology Receptionist

Training & Development

Trish, I have to thank you for your work with us. Your ability to take a group where they need to go and to read a group and help them explore the underlying issues while keeping everyone feeling completely safe was remarkable. You’ve made a huge impact on me and I hope we get to meet again.

Natalie FlemingHead Coach