Life Through a Poetic Lens

What a great experience you provided our group with this afternoon. Your presentation obviously evoked many memories from within our group of the repressive nature of our formative years, long, long ago – mine included. Your ability to squeeze such an interesting, illuminating and empathetic story into the time available was masterful.

Max GordonUniversity of the Third Age

Poetry Reading and Discussion Group

Trish’s poetry reading was outstanding. She engages her audience and sweeps them up in the comfort of her warm embrace. She speaks effortlessly about life’s difficult subjects with such vibrancy that we felt triumphant in her company. She has a rare gift of reaching people and taking them to the depths of themselves.

Anne WithersPalliative Care Nurse

Life Through A Poetic Lens

Trish presents to a group in her own uniquely arresting way. She seems to have the skill of a heightened awareness of her own mental processes and of her here-and-now person to person transactions. With confident candour she grabs our attention and quickly directs our thoughts to the deep and personal things that matter, leaving us with a desire to delve more deeply into her stock of wisdom. The audience at Noarlunga U3A were clearly moved by her poetry and accompanying observations.

Ernest James KellyUniversity of the Third Age

The Heart of Public Speaking

The real beauty of this course, and indeed any course run by Trish is that it dares to go beyond the surface level instruction. Trish is able to intuit deep seated issues or blocks to a person fulfilling their potential and works from that place to produce profound and lasting change. While Trish teaches the incredibly useful techniques of public speaking she is also able to reach the “heart of the matter” so that a person may no longer need to rely on techniques, but rather trust their whole self to guide the way.  Trish, you are a gifted teacher and healer.

Anne MartinSchool Principal

The Heart of Public Speaking

Thanks to the help of Trish’s amazing skills, knowledge, experience, authenticity and honesty. I realised that I always was the empowered person I wanted to be! I could not feel the way I do about myself right now if it wasn’t for taking part in this transformational course!

Monique FitzgeraldPsychology Receptionist

The Heart of Public Speaking

The most important exercises for me were the role play. I was able to clear some very old inhibiting deep karmic issues, the situation uncannily giving me the opportunity to tap into, using my own voice (I am a sound healer and ex-opera singer) was a stroke of genius on Trish’s part. Trish uses play as the foundation to create a circle of confidence in which all are able to be themselves thus find the voice and focus to become the best fluent speaker possible they can be.

Helen-Grant JohnsonCreative Mandalas

Being the Leader of Your Own Life

The skills, knowledge and mentorship that I received by Trish was authentic, professional and caring. This course has given me the belief in my abilities to speak from a place of authenticity and engagement with my audience. The genuineness, passion and clarity Trish shows in her teaching is contagious. I could never have believed that I could have achieved so much in such a short time.

Robyn FellenbergTeacher

Being the Leader of Your Own Life

I discovered different aspects of myself, which I didn’t know existed, or was always too afraid to show to people. I also discovered that I am a good storyteller and there are people willing to listen to me. I did not realise that I can, and do make a difference in people’s lives. I discovered that I have many gifts, and pass them onto others. By giving we receive so much more. No matter how small the gift, sometimes they are the most important thing in someone’s day.

Ruth EckermannManager

The Heart of Public Speaking

It was completely different from anything I had ever done before, very engaging, quite challenging on a personal level and lots of fun. A new way of looking at public speaking has given me more confidence to be able to express myself. I felt this workshop allowed me a safe space and I have come away with a slightly different view of the world and my place in it. I also received insight into how others see me, which was quite a different experience.

Deb HartBowen Therapist